Robb and Company Events (in partnership with Robb Creative Group) is where we primarily have conversations with people in the private equity, venture capital, and general business sectors in front of an audience. The conversations tend to be insightful, inspiring, and entertaining. Check out TechnoFest below to register for our events.

Q). How do I get tickets to your events?

A). Our events are usually for small groups with reserved seating. In the event of us having an event for the general public; we will make an announcement on our website with ticket information.


Q). Do videos from your events get posted online?

A). Yes! We usually provide clips of our events on our YouTube Page.


Q). We’re interested in being an advertising partner at your events; how do we go about that?

A). Robb Creative Group handles any and all marketing for our events. Their website is;


Q). How do you select the people who are interviewed?

A). We find people interesting based on multiple factors; experience, accomplishments, etc


Q). I have more questions; how do I get in contact with you guys?

A). You can email us at:


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