– Long/Short Investing (LSI): take either bullish or bearish positions in equities, particularly, publicly traded stocks.

– Macros & Micro Investing (MMI): invest in domestic and international companies.

– Venture Capital Investing (VCI): invest in start-up companies, primarily, by acquiring minority equity stakes (common stocks).

– Private Equity Investing (PEI): invest in and acquiring companies through the use of both debt and equity.

– Investment Banking: assist companies with acquisition and/or merger opportunities among other tasks.

– Syndicate Investing: invest alongside a group of other companies utilizing what we term as: “collective capital”.

– Events: host and produce/co-produce events/conferences (in collaboration with Robb Creative Events – RCE) that are particularly geared towards the financial industry.

– Incubator: provide a space for startups to work on their ideas in exchange for a stake in the company.

– Angel Investing: make micro-investments (small financial commitments) in startups.

– Podcasts: host, produce, and co-produce with Robb Radio Network (RRN) audio programs that are finance focus.