Our private equity division aims to invest in and/or acquire companies that the market (public and private) undervalues but we see tremendous value in.


Q). Do you do deals in specific sectors?

A). We are industry and sector neutral. We search for great opportunities everywhere.


Q). Who are some of your partners that you’ll give your portfolio companies access to?

A). We have partners who are advertising and creative agencies; management consulting firms; logistics companies; and more. Our partners are excited to be working with our portfolio companies.


Q). Can I/we pitch a company to you?

A). We’re more than happy to read your email and to learn more about your company.


Q). Do you partner up with other PE firms on deals?

A). Absolutely! We would be interested in working with on PE firms on deals that are beneficial to all parties involve.


Q). I have more questions; how do I get into contact with you?

A). You can email us: pe@robbca.com.



We invest in start-ups, growth businesses and more. Click the link below to learn more about our investments.